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Today: September 20, 2014

The Game of the Week
Chardonnay and Jalape˝o Rattlesnake Sausage with Revolution Hibiscus Ale Mustard, Smoked Swiss Cheese, Duck Confit and Black Sea Salt

The Sara Elterman (Today's Celebrity Sausage)
Baked Ham Sausage with Prickly Pear Mustard, Pineapple Salsa and Smoked Gouda Cheese

Other Specials
Spicy Thai Chicken Sausage with Sriracha Mustard, Sesame-Seaweed Salad and Duck Cracklings

Smoked and Spicy Alligator Sausage with Crayfish-Shrimp Remoulade and Raspberry Bellavitano Cheese

Shrimp 'n' Grits: Smoked Shrimp and Pork Sausage with Creole Mustard, Hominy Grits and Goat Cheese

▄ber Garlic Pork Sausage with Bacon-Garlic Mayonnaise, Jalape˝o Havarti Cheese and Garlic Confit

Hot Sauce Chicken Sausage with "Buffalo" Mustard and Great Hill Blue Cheese drizzled with Honey

Veal Saltimbocca Sausage with Fresh Sage Mustard, Sheep's Milk Brigante Cheese and Fried Prosciutto

Portuguese Linguiša with Saffron Rouille and Tetilla Cheese

Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel

The Atomic Bomb: Jack Cheese-Stuffed Damn Hot Pork Sausage with Chipotle Dijonnaise, Cumin Gouda Cheese and Pickled Beets

Lamb and Pork Belly Sausage with Mufaletta-Onion Butter, Double CrŔme Brie Cheese and Tomato Preserves

Bowl o' 40-Sausage Chili topped with Sharp Cheddar Cheese

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